• Where are we based?

We are a family company based in Rathgar, Dublin, Ireland. We a fully Irish owned company.

  • How long are you selling?

Our online store is only new -we are selling since 2003.

  • Who are you?

We are an IT Technology company that avail of our leverage with suppliers to sell best-cost, and in our experience the best end-user products to you. We typically sell business class machines, however we do cater from all end consumers.

  • Can I pick up from your location ?

Of course but it's probably easier to deliver.

  • If I have a problem who is my warranty with?

Your warranty is always with the manufacturer.

  •  What payment engines do we use? Are they secure?

Shopify Payments integrates seamlessly with all the functions of our online store. We accept credit card payments and process orders securely and quickly. We manage our entire business in one place that ultimately saves time, money and unnecessary hassles.

  • What is the delivery charge for 1 laptop?

Typically €10 euro or less

  • What if I have any more questions?

Please contact us on the email and numbers provided